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Excellence in execution

DEZIART excels in creating architectural BIM models in strict accordance with BIM execution plans. Our architectural BIM modeling services include the creation of building information models from sketches, documentation and CAD drawings, as well as BIM analysis, collision detection and content creation. Our team collaborates closely with our clients throughout the design process, from schematic design to construction documentation, ensuring comprehensive and tailored BIM modeling.



With our 3D BIM modeling team, DEZIART effectively meets the needs of different infrastructure projects. We offer architectural BIM services to consultants, architectural and interior design firms, covering 2D and 3D BIM/CAD modeling for buildings and complexes. From 2D architectural design to the creation of full 3D models, we provide a full range of services.



DEZIART has successfully evolved to meet the demands of the construction industry, providing customized and standardized BIM solutions, whatever the project, whether residential, industrial, retail, healthcare or education .

DEZIART, as a company specializing in BIM outsourcing, stands out for providing personalized 3D BIM modeling services. We collaborate with construction companies for optimal coordination between engineers, architects, designers, contractors and consultants. As a leader in BIM solutions, DEZIART facilitates collaboration and project execution by creating 3D models with Revit, improving project estimation, quality control and planning.

DEZIART's 3D BIM models eliminate the limitations of traditional paper and 2D designs, providing clear and effective visualization of the project before construction even begins. Covering floor plans, elevations and 3D modeling services, BIM promotes improved coordination within the team.

3D rendering

Our team of professional designers and developers generate detailed, personalized and consistent virtual models for various infrastructural developments. We guarantee exceptional quality and professionalism, providing a realistic 3D view of BIM models for construction and project management.

We understand the needs and use advanced tools to generate virtual models, solving key feasibility and coordination issues through 3D BIM models created in a virtual environment. This facilitates rapid approval and decision-making among stakeholders, thereby speeding up project planning, implementation and construction.

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