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DEZIART excels in collaboration with architects, property managers and consultants.

Claire B.

DEZIART is great for my 3D needs. Their 3D visualization service is perfect for my decorating projects. This helps my clients better understand the end result, and it saves me time. I recommend DEZIART for their 3D skills.


Explore our 3D & BIM modeling services,

combining precision and creativity to bring your architectural projects to fruition.

Professional expertise for optimal management of the construction process.


Our corporate mission is to provide high quality professional 3D modeling and BIM services. We are committed to creating three-dimensional representations integrated into a standardized spatial reference system, bringing together all the components of an infrastructure in the form of 3D objects. Our goal is to provide complete solutions by integrating all the geometric and parametric information and data of the project. We aim for excellence in the delivery of our services, thus offering our clients a clear and precise vision of their projects, while contributing to the efficiency and success of their initiatives.


Our vision at DEZIART is to occupy a preeminent and undisputed position in the field of 3D modeling and BIM. We aspire to realize this vision by providing innovative solutions, fostering exceptional collaboration, and precisely and creatively bringing our clients' architectural dreams to life. We are also committed to being pioneers in the application of BIM throughout the life cycle of infrastructure, with a view to achieving one or more specific objectives.


Our tailor-made approach, combining creativity and advanced technology, results in solutions adapted to each project, ensuring the success of our clients.

In-depth Needs Analysis

We begin with a detailed analysis of your needs, working closely to understand your visions, objectives and constraints.

Continuous Collaboration and Adaptability

We promote open communication, adapting our models according to your feedback. Our flexible approach guarantees the successful realization of your architectural projects.

3D modeling
Precise BIM

We begin with a detailed analysis of your needs, working closely to understand your visions, objectives and constraints.

Your Trusted Partner in 3D Modeling & BIM

Discover DEZIART, founded by enthusiasts Marc and Anne-Sophie, experts in 3D modeling and BIM. With more than 15 years of experience, Marc has been a pioneer in cabinetmaking, using 3D modeling to bring his innovative projects to fruition. Driven by his passion, he today offers his expertise to architects, project managers, real estate developers and individuals, guaranteeing models that respect building standards.

Anne-Sophie, customer service expert, ensures total satisfaction for every customer, contributing to the company's continued success. Together, Marc and Anne-Sophie form a complementary team dedicated to providing high quality 3D modeling and BIM services.

Join us at DEZIART to turn your ideas into reality. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, personalized approach and total satisfaction to our customers. Our extensive experience and unwavering passion make DEZIART the ideal partner to bring your projects to life in three dimensions. Let's work together to create something exceptional.

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